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Composer + Sound Designer

2016 IFFA Nomination Best Music All About J(1).jpg
MASACRE - IFFA Nomination 2015 Best Music.jpg

The EYES, Feature Film, theatrical release 2017, Rhode Island Int'l Film Festival Grand Prize

Directed by Robbie Bryan, New York, NY 
| Motion Picture Soundtrack

28, Feature Film
Coming-of-age drama directed by Dan Thorens, New York, Vancouver, and China.

Digital Fairy-Tales: Album Two, “Cowherd and the Weaver Girl”

Chinese Fairy Tale Series, Short film, July 2017

Swim Good, short film, 2016
Written and Dir. by Lbito Rose, New York, NY 

All About J, Award Winning Short Drama/Fashion Film, 2016

Nominated for Best Music at the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2016

Masacre, Award Winning Short Drama/Fashion Film, 2015

Nominated for Best Music at the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2015

Winter Echo, Short Film, Drama, 2015

Top 40 selection for the Asian American Film Lab’s 72-hr shoot out

King of Oneiros, Short Film, Fantasy Drama, 2013
Directed by Dylan Howard, New York and Rhode Island. 

Boys, Girls and ... Zombies? Short Film, Action/Comedy, 2012
Directed by Benjamin Murray, New York, NY.

Twelve Weeks, Short Film, Adventure/Drama, 2012
Directed by Sai Pawar, New York, NY.

Ytinas, Short Film, Fantasy/Thriller, 2012 
Directed by Jose Rico, New York, NY.

Official Selection of the Scranton Horror Film Festival

Blood Legacy, Short Film, Thriller, 2012
Directed by Jose Rico, New York, NY. 

Fuzzy Days Noir NightsFilm Noir Series, 2011

Directed by Christian AV Petrozza, Kingston, ON Canada

Sound FX Editor

The Puritans, Award Winning Short Suspense Drama, 2012

Directed by Sean Robinson, New York, NY.


Licensed through Atrium Music, XiRen's music has been used in a variety of TV shows: 

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STAGE works

I was mesmerized by the magic that happens on stage since the first time I've been on one - playing an elf at age 4 in a Christmas production in Bath, UK. Since then, I've had the fortune of performing on many more stages as pianist, dancer, and actor, the latter of which brought me into sound designing and sound scaping for theatrical productions. When I auditioned for (and landed) the role of the Noble Consort Zhen/Pearl for Yangtze Theatre's production of the Emporess Dowager, my biggest scene was also the finale of the show - where I get thrown into a well - the gift of death.


Where there is death, there is rebirth - my role as an actor with the company ended with that production, and a   I became resident composer for the next 4 years - a spell-binding world I continue to explore through sound design and sound-shaping.  



       Contemporary Classical  

Starling, Piano and Birdsong, (2021) 4'27"

Fainting Sun, Piano and Guitar, (2017) 4'57"

Rue 18, Piano and Guitar, (2017) 2'41"

Reveries of a Dynasty, East-West ensemble, with Roli Seaboard (2017) 4'48"

Dreamweaver, East-West ensemble, with Roli Seaboard (2017) 5'36"

Where the Birch Trees Are, Piano and Erhu (2017) 4'27"

Aftermath, String Trio (2017) 3'31"

Fragrance of Blush, Chinese Orchestra, (2016) 2'30"

Odes to the Princesses, Chinese Ensemble (2016) 15'

I. YuHuan

II. YuChai

III. JinLuo

Willow, Chinese Orchestra, (2016) 5'

Behind the Mask, Chinese Ensemble with Chorus, (2015) 10'

I. Melancholia

II. Salt

III. 16 years

IV. Is Your Heart Bleeding

Indulgences In Deception, Solo Violin, (2015) 2’34”

To Far Away, Piano and Viola, (2015) 4’13” 

Quo Vadis, String Orchestra, (2015) 13’

I. Pluvia 3’55”

II. Arriviste 3’35”

III. Trentatre 3’10”

IV. L’effet Papillon 2’27”

Impulsions, String Quartet, (2014) 5’02”

Under Over, Piano and Flute (2013) 4’01”

Rêve, Cauchemar, Quintet for Flute, Oboe, Trumpet, Violin, & Cello, (2013) 4’47”

Revelations, Chamber Orchestra, (2012) 5’

On The Trail, Chamber Orchestra, (2012) 5’

Romance, Chamber Orchestra, (2012) 4’

Shadowland, Piano and High Voice (2011) 5'30"

Text by Dr Gabrielle McIntire

Chansons d'Emile, Piano and Tenor, (2010) 4'18"

Text by Emile Nelligan

I. Reve d'Artiste

II. Melodie de Rubinstein

Sense and Sensibility, Piano and Flute (2010)  2'27"

       Synth & Electronics  

Refractions, synth & electronics (2016) 4'08" 


When Worlds Collide, ethnic winds & percussion, synth & electronics (2015) 3'51"

Echoes Down Deepethnic winds & percussion, synth & electronics (2015) 2'19"


The Screens We Live In, synth & electronics (2015) 3'38"



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